Our team has been providing your Walnut Creek roofing needs for years and looks forward to being your next choice to handle all your roofing repairs. Our Walnut Creek roofers handle all jobs from a simple repair to severe damage that may lead to a new roof. Whatever the case may be, we can assure you that your Walnut Creek roofing will be done right the first time.

Each Walnut Creek roofer comes with many years of training and experience. They are their to listen to questions and concerns that you may have and answer them with their professional and honest opinion. Our Walnut Creek, CA roofers pride themselves on honesty, hard work, and being very thorough. Kelly Roofing is one of the ONLY roofing companies that has Owner/Installer services. We take pride in our reliability and honesty. Because we offer owner/installer services, we can guarantee that our workmanship is superior in all aspects of the job.

DonĀ“t be disillusioned by other roofers offering low prices but do not supply the quality needed and in the end result spending more money. Entrust your family in the hands of a Walnut Creek roofer. We here at Kelly Roofing look forward to hearing from you to resolve any issues that you may be having with your Walnut Creek roofing.

For all of your local plumbing repair and installation needs, turn to a Walnut Creek plumber you can trust. For your sprinkler repair and installation needs, there is an irrigation contractor we would like to recommend. Last but not least, one of the Bay Area's best tree service companies is right around the corner.

We're also happy to refer business to other great roofers in Sacramento, Peoria, AZ, and Sunnyvale

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In regards to a new roof or roof repair you will want to think of theses precautions:
  • Existing roofing has bad decking
  • Existing roofing is in poor condition
  • Existing roofing has to many layers
  • Existing roofing has bad incompatible shingles
The first step in knowing your roof is to identify just what type of roofing style you have. The next is to have a contractors help to determine the severity and style of your roof so you my then deiced whether to make a simple and inexpensive repair or to devote yourself to a new roof.

The following is a list of popular roofing styles:
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